Rikhter - Sakha [RIK2]
HEX Transmission #063 - Antonio De Angelis
Ceili - Not A Fear Of It (Rommek's Waiting For The Party Line Remix) [OBSCRV002]
Michał Wolski - Bathyscaphe [KYN013]
Giorgio Gigli - Fulmicotone / Video by Chiara Tom
Velvet May: "Unknown Bodies" [TWS002]
Rikhter - Phiom Enhah [RIK1]
SDB - Symphony [MRKD012]
Bylly @ TANZ BAR #localsounds vol 2 pres The Other Way
Antonio De Angelis - Stelo
D-Leria - Ectoplasm [DLP001]
Nastya Muravyova | Boiler Room x Cxema
Year of the Radio: Nastya Muravyova 20ft Radio
Nokta Festival 2018 // Rommek & Martinovna AV SET
Cristian Marras - Cage 21 [Rebels Conspiracy 001] video by the29nov films
Non Reversible - Initial Mass Function video by Martinovna
Urbanum #1: Echoes Of October interview
Inhalt Der Nacht & Echoes Of October - Das Gift / visuals by Heymes
Attaché & Wudec - Traffic [OSL004]
Alfredo Mazzilli @ Dommune 07/12/2017
HEX Transmission #035 - Gareth Wild / visuals by ACID THERMAL
The Chronics - Contemporary Answer [BDd007]
Conrad Van Orton - Live Jam Session
Chlär & Apothicaire - Absolute Control [BBDd006]
Non Reversible - Lemniscate [ETGD004]
Nørbak - Ira (Original Mix) [Video by Noah Montenegro]
Progression UK - Everyone Drops A Clanger [KRLF004-2]
Inhalt Der Nacht & Echoes Of October - Fleischleben
Lunatik - Nodi
Ken Karter - DX_ENV_X.1.01 (Alfredo Mazzilli Remix) by the29nov films
A2. Amandra - Polichinela [OBSM003 - Dame De Bahia LP]
Progression [UK] - Eyes That Cannot See [Mord046]
Attaché - 2002 [OSC001]
Sin @ Mayday Poland 2017
Giorgio Gigli - Automat Radio at Spring Attitude Festival, Rome