Velvet May

Velvet May is an italian and Berlin-based artist, focusing on Electronic
Body Music, post-punk and Techno textures. Live performer and DJ,
he’s the owner of Tears On Waves record imprint.
His debut EP “Vast As Black Night” on his label “Tears On Waves”,
received very quicly important supports from many artists of the scene
like Ancient Methods, Phase Fatale, Paula Temple, Violet Poison, The
Hacker, Philipp Strobel, Mannequin’s Alessandro Adriani, NX1, Umwelt
and many more. In June he releases his second EP “Unknown Bodies”
on his imprint and with two remixes from Years Of Denial and Autumns.
Velvet May's music goes around aspects like love and liberation and it
comes from the stark drama of his living mind. There a no
simplifications, everything is translated without polishings and shades,
but with respect to his real essence.
His LIVE totally makes you dive in a sea of emotions and could lead you
to touch aspects like body pleasure, erotic discourses, love, erotism,
sex and contorted dramas of the human mind.

Available for Live/DJ set.
Based in Berlin.