Parallx @ ZODIAK, Brussels, Belgium


Dive into the DARKSIDE.

| Parallx | Neila | TWAN | Lacchesi

| Mown | Foreign Material


DOORSALE: 7€ > 1 AM > 10€
10 Kaasmarkt 1000 Brussels

> 5 min from Central Station, 3 steps from Grand Place
> Min. age: +21 / LGBT+ ♥
> ZERO tolerance on harassment
> Free cloakroom & toilets


 Parallx (R - Label Group)
Parallx, born and raised in the dirty industrial landscapes of the Ruhr metropolis in West Germany and based in Berlin since 2010, belongs to the new rising techno generation.
His EBM- , Industrial- and 90’s Techno inspired productions are despite its rough power on the dance floor, finely designed down to the smallest detail.
In 2017 Parallx released his first Records on Kobosil’s imprint R - Label Group as well as on Arts and was voted #3 Newcomer of the Year by the readers of Groove Magazine.
His versatile DJ sets, who stand out through the mix of powerful 2000s techno and EBM, as well as his excursion into Darkwave, Synth Pop and Electro, opened him the door to the legendary club Berghain and other clubs all over Europe.

 Neila (DeepHeat)
NEILA is the solo project of a french composer and performer of electronic music, mainly active in the brussels scene through many collaborations. He is responsible for the Deepheat activities : as a promoter, he invited some of his heroes like Zadig , Adam X or Sunil Sharpe, thus gathering the most demanding techno heads. As the curator of the deepheat compilations, he has been working with the most serious newcomers from Belgium and France and collected both experimental cuts and weapons of choice for the club.
Neila doesn't pretend to do art, and doesn't appeal to be part of any stylistic school, yet he obviously refers to crucial inspirations like the rough sound of Birmingham pioneers ; he aims at giving back to the techno scene as much joy and hope it gave to him. This is all about sonic pilgrimages and cathartic experiences.

Techno artist based in Belgium.
RIMBU & Repossession Co-founder, promotor & resident DJ

 Lacchesi (Maison Close Records / Raise Booking )
Le producteur et DJ parisien Lacchesi s’empare du créneau de midi. Fondateur de Péché Mignon, Lacchesi joue une techno brute aux sonorités acid et aux accents cold wave.
Fin connaisseur des fêtes diurnes, il joue de diversité dans l’esthétique industrielle qui lui est propre.

A natural-born digger, Mown has been collecting vinyl for years now, boasting an impressive collection that reflects his eclectic taste in music.

Foreign Material (NORITE)
Foreign Material sees techno music as an extension of his artistic skills, and his futuristic visions reflect in the way he carves his sonic material through acid and hypnotic deep techno.
The spirit of his music is a mix of ancient myths and futuristic visions. A link between past and future, a conceptual music, mystical and cosmic.