Juerga is the head of Urbanum which started in 2015 as a gig series that naturally evolved into a fully-fledged booking agency. Juerga's deep roots in electronic scene are demonstrated by Urbanum's already impressive roster (representing artists who released with MORD, Blueprint or R Label Group), especially considering that the agency is fully operating since 2016.  Juerga was also the booker for Sala Gotycka in Wroclaw that regularly hosted guests such as Shifted, Tommy Four Seven or Oscar Mulero. This gives an indication as to his sound that is strong and hypnotic, yet aimed at causing serious dancefloor damage. With that much experience under his belt, Juerga knows every part of the game. After leaving Sala Gotycka as the booker, he was assigned to the same position at Schron, club located in his hometown Poznań. In 2020 he also opened Urbanum label, releasing the first split EP with Rommek and BYLLY on the tracklist.

Based in Berlin.