Giorgio Gigli

Giorgio Gigli born in Rome 1976, music enthusiast and vinyl collector started work as a deejay at the beginning of the 90s by proposing sounds ranging between deep, house and techno. Over the years his sounds gradually become more inspired by electronic artists such as Kraftwerk, Pansonic, Boards of Canada and Autechre. His search into sonority draws him more and more towards geometric, special and minimal rhythms which find him playing in various European clubs and festivals among which "The Nitza Club" Barcelona, "Pulp" Paris, "Goa" Rome, "Hard Club" Porto, "Overground Festival" Geneva, "Palm-Aria Festival" La Spezia, “Magazzini Generali” Milan.

He has produced music since 1999 and is presently a member of the Elettronica Romana, electronic music label born in the historical vinyl corner Remix in Rome. The first release "Chiki Disco", produced with Donato Dozzy, was received with great approval from the electronic music world. Still with Elettronica Romana he produces "Geometrik Forms" a mix of minimal sonorities with hints of trance music; a mix which has made this record unique in the sector. Shortly after he comes out with a record "Rarefied Atmosphere" on the Jeremy P. Caulfield Dumb Unit label which better represents his style being defined as a melancholic and obsessive monster. Cold and deep sounds alternate, creating a minimal and abstract atmosphere; the record goes beyond rhythmic physicality concepts and strong emotional sound. In 2007 "Planet Earth" comes out on Mental Groove, one of the most dynamic Swiss labels in electronic music. A record which confirms his static and hypnotic intent.Also to be remembered the "1' Studio Dinamico Su Melodia Analogica" ''metà tà physikà"remix for Phutura on the Registrazioni Italiane label where music is transposed into architecture, Avant-garde trance and minimalism merge for 12 minutes, creating a metallic atmosphere surrounded by unruly, insistent, rhythmical compositions. An unconventional approach to interpretation of music. Passion, nostalgia and melancholy merge together creating scenarios at times complex and disordered, difficult to interpret but always intriguing and unique.Giorgio Gigli’s style can be defined as subtle hypnotic minimalism.

Based in Rome.