Under the alias Attaché there is a young Polish producer Adam Dabrowski from Katowice. He has started his experience with music in 2010 when he got inspired by the artists of Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival.
Attaché music is result of different artist’s interests and hobbies like history, sport or military. He also producing videoclips for his music.
First time about the artist was loud after release his remix on the Prevision EP of Viadrina in October 2014. Track has been very well received by audience and professional environment. Marcel Dettmann gave him a max score, Andrew Weatherall played track during his set in Athens, same as John Digweed (#1 DJmag in 2001) in his audition Transitions. 
In March 2015 he performed support in Chris Clark's (Warp Records) concerts in Teatr Laznia Nowa (Cracow, PL) and Basen Club (Warsaw, PL). 
A breakthrough came in October 2016 when YouTube channel HATE released his track - Pyongyang. Worth to mention, this track was sensational success in techno community - after few months has beat 100K views on YouTube. Next HATE’s release Sarajevo became hit on Balkan’s techno scene, so Attaché decided to moved for year to Ljubljana, Slovenia.
He released 2 EPs: ”Walls” and ”Edinburgh”. He also cooperated with Polish artists like Wudec, Kuba Sojka, Błażej Malinowski or French Deevai

Now he is preparing new material for upcoming album.

Based in Katowice, Poland.