Alfredo Mazzilli @ Prague

I believe in the power of love.

Fides is a label based on rhythm and soul. For the next series of Hedone we present Fides showcase.


ZIPPO - Fides/Involve/Figure - IT

HIVER - Fides/Curle Recordings/Deep Labs - IT


Born and raised in Italy, Alfredo Mazzilli, approaches the world of music very early. His first passion is the guitar but, with time, his penchant for electronic music becomes increasingly clear. 
He shows an extremely versatile nature, as well as his desire to experiment with different genres, not giving up, however, to a consistency that leads him to range in the vast musical landscape, while remaining true to his style that favors ambient and techno sounds.

Silhouette - Krmelec Recordings/Nite Vibes

Equi - WATP

Mazhar - Hedone

Riki Boro - Hedone