Alfredo Mazzilli @ Caged Movement, Zurich

I'm happy to finally reveal Our project. What's "CAGED"? Caged is a movement with the goal to inspire people in many ways, not only through music. We want people to let go of their "social" needs. I've seen many people become so depressed and so anxious because of the modern and false culture. Constantly thinking they have to look a certain way to be someone, buy expensive clothes to feel better than others or spend more money at a party to brag in front of other people. Thats what I call being "CAGED". So i finally decided to grab some friends and to organize a party where you can concentrate on being yourself and let go of all the pressure that the outside world lays upon you.

I'm also happy to say that there will be a special guest playing for us at that night and i'm happy to announce our first party and line-up with

Alfredo Mazzilli (ARTS, Edit Select)

Ark (Hæresis)

Rhythmusstörung (Stilbruch)

Helvezia (Caged)

The use of cameras won't be allowed because its not the memories in your phone that last, its the moment that will last for a long time. See you there!!