Alfredo Mazzilli @ BAHN· 15, Barcelona, Spain

BAHN· 15
24052019 - Moog

BAHN· presenta: Alfredo Mazzilli + Scøpe

Segunda colaboración de BAHN· con el legendario club del Raval, una de las salas referencia en Barcelona y Europa.
Este próximo viernes 24 de Mayo disfrutaremos del debut en Barcelona del italiano Alfredo Mazzilli y el surcoreano Scøpe, que debutará con nosotros a nivel Europeo.


Second BAHN· collaboration with the legendary club in Raval, Moog, one of the most referent clubs in Barcelona and Europe.
Next Friday, May 24th, we will attend to Barcelona debut of Alfredo Mazzilli and European debut of Scøpe.
2 true talented artists that will bring us a nice Techno trip!

Moog Club
Open doors: 00 - 06
Arc del Teatre, 3
08001 - Barcelona

RA Event:


8€ entradas anticipadas / advanced tickets

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10€ entradas en taquilla / tickets at the door

Artwork: Alessandro Valentino




Born and raised in Italy, Alfredo Mazzilli, approaches the world of music very early. His first passion is the guitar but, with time, his penchant for electronic music becomes increasingly clear.
He shows an extremely versatile nature, as well as his desire to experiment with different genres, not giving up, however, to a consistency that leads him to range in the vast musical landscape, while remaining true to his style that favors ambient and techno sounds.
Alfredo has released in labels such as ARTS, Edit Select, Planet Rhythm or Weekend Circuit, and has played in some of the most important clubs in worlds Techno scene like Griessmuehle, Suicide Circus Berlin, KHIDI, Sound Department Ascolti, Contact Tokyo, Gare Porto, Family Club Oficial, and Stardust Madrid to name some of them..


SCØPE (SCOPÁVIK / Newrhythmic recs) KOR

Scøpe, a Korean techno producer and DJ, runs SCOPÁVIK podcast series that introduces mix of skilled techno artists from all over the world. And he is holding a regular party called SCOPÁVIK in club vurt. In 2018, he started running a record label of the same name and is establishing his own world of music.
Kim has also released in Newrhythmic recs, Analog Section Records, Android Muziq and Counterpulse Audio.
His dynamic DJ sets almost push the listeners into trance by eliciting their subconscious movements with new grooves which rhythmical structures in each track organically intertwine with each other and incrementally accumulate into, and then all of a sudden lead them to a lyrical tone, thus presenting listeners with the type of joy that only techno music can deliver by creating an intersection between reason and instinct.