Why is KHIDI one of the best venues in the world? Parallx and Juerga in Tbilisi.

text by Juerga

After hearing great stories about Khidi and the Tbilisi techno scene, we decided to spend a few days in Georgia. We took our beloved girls with us, and went to explore the techno scene, food and culture. What we experienced is something unforgettable.

The city itself is well known from its brutalism architecture. Buildings like the Bank of Georgia headquarters or the Sky Bridge give this city an extraordinary look. Watching everything from the top of the city, seeing the sculptures of the Mother of Georga, the Chronicle of Georgia (AKA Georgian Stonehenge), and more, gives you a feeling that you are in a special place.But this is just the beginning!

Parallx was on a bill on Friday next to residents such as Boyd Schidt and Frequency Shifter. Khidi club opened in 2016 and since its beginning, paid attention to build a strong community based on great local artists and well-known names outside Georgia like Shlomo and Boston 168, who became residents as well. We came to the club for a quick soundcheck, and just seeing the venue empty was absolutely amazing. We went to all the hidden spots in the club. You can chill with friends, catch a breath or just relax before you hit the dancefloor again. The dancefloor itself has everything that is needed. Spacious, dark, and with good sound. People are dancing like crazy everywhere, totally into the music, not so many people wearing only "black", you can truly find the full spectrum of Georgian society.

Parallx, who played from 3:00AM to 6:00 totally smashed it with a hard and very danceable set. Just what the crowd was expecting. Fast hihats and strong kicks, electro pearls mixed fast with his own edits and upcoming tracks. Something to remember. Fortunately, there is a recording of these great three hours!

The floor covered in dark, only from time to time it showed a piece of a naked chest or a raver committed to dance. The final track was well received as a perfect end to the 180 minutes of the best modern techno!

Boyd Shidt continued smashing it, taking over for the closing set which usually lasts until 10AM or noonish time next day. He was our host and did his job as best as possible. After playing the closing set, he was happy to invite as for dinner day after, just before he continued playing with his friend as Greanbeam and Leon as they were opening Saturday night at G2, the second floor of the club.

Additionally, it is impossible forget about the food! He took us to an absolutely amazing place, full of traditional Georgian dishes, great wine and of course Chacha, Georgian vodka. His hospitality was excellent, a trademark of all Georgian people. We didn't have to say what we needed, we had absolutely everything that's needed! A table full of colorful food, original regional spices, smiles and always real and honest talks. No bullshit. Leon is the person who made this trip really special for us! Thank you, brother!

The second episode of rave at Khidi started with smashing fast techno served by the duo. I was taking over from 3:00AM until the end. I have to admit, even 16 years of DJing didn't stop me from feeling a bit nervous before playing. I wanted to deliver my best to this extraordinary crowd!

I decided to play a bit faster than usual and 133 BPM did the trick. I mixed new stuff with a bit older but brilliant tracks, which worked for the dancefloor from the first minute!

I always wanted to say something after my set and this time I can admit - I ENJOYED EVERY SECOND OF THIS NIGHT. The crowd was cheering up, whistling, shouting and screaming many times. It truly made me smile. One of the best experiences of my life!

The closing track as a gesture of love and faith in his music went to Parallx.

When the lights came up, people were demanding not selfies, free vinyl or shot at the bar. They wanted free hugs, which I was super happy to give them. Such a great feeling!

Four days in Tbilisi were like a travel back in time. To times where people want to rave and come to the club for the music. They express real emotions and want to feel connected with the other dancers and the DJ who is playing for them. That is simple but often forgotten at many places in the 21st century.

The guys from Khidi are doing this right. Giving passion and love to the music and to everything they do. Bunch of great residents, a strong community, great owners 100 % committed to everything that is related to the club. This place is an example of how to run a techno venue.

Thank you Georgia, you stay in our hearts forever. We want to come back!