The Second EP on Rebels Conspiracy - Cristian Marras' label!

Cristian Marras
After his first solo EP debut, Cristian Marras come back on RB with a track
inspired from different horizons of contemporary Techno sounds and not
only. Mantra, defined as groups of words or sounds, believed to have
spiritual psychological power, to help to induce an altered state of
consciousness; are sacred formulas, without literal meaning, typically
melodic, mathematically structured, musically uplifting, with interpretations
such as: looking for truth, reality, light, immortality, peace, knowledge,

.wav_909 & 7thRaw
"Harsh and fast rhythms, sonic insanity, in dark sweaty rooms with the ones
you love, where notions of time and space feel pointless is what made us fall
in love with this electronic music movement"

Julez Wyl
Originally from Wales, based in London, this young talent started DJing
since the early years of his high school. Affirming himself in the British
Techno scene, becoming soon, one of the main resident of the infamous
Jaded at Corsica Studios; performing regulars sets, tough and
uncompromising, fizzing with Kinetic Energy.

Inspired by the sound of the post-industrial city of Turin where he was born;
approaching Techno since his audio engineering studies in the University

Rebels Conspiracy
RCM002 - Various Artists

A1 - Cristian Marras - Mantra
A2 - .wav_909 & 7thRaw - Themenos
B1 - Julez Wyl - Creep
B2 - RVSSIA - Ghost Child

Mastered by Ken Karter @ Decode Studio (Berlin)
Artwork by Moodif
Original photo Credit © 1989
(p)&(c) Rebel Conspiracy Music 2019 cat. no. RCM002
all rights reserved