The Chronics and Chlär as well as their label - Bipolar Disorder on Urbanum roster!

We are close to the label and its founders since a while so we decided to work full time! 

Let's us introduce to you Bipolar Disorder and the label's founders The Chronics and Chlär!
The label is close to our heart thanks to great tracks and also numerous EPs and remixes from other Urbanum members like Bylly, Non Reversible or MTD

Now we have a privilege to join forces with all these great artists and the fathers of the label. 

The Chronics is Geneva-based DJ and producer, whose tracks you can also find on @terrafuriamagazine, @dirtymindsrecords or @fabrikmusiclabel. He is a well-known artist in his home country Switzerland, where he supported many great acts all over the country, performing at the best venues and nights.

Chlär is his partner in crime. They are both selecting the best quality tracks to be released on the label. Chlär performed also on Amsterdam infamous Unpolished 2019, thanks to his extraordinary set which was selected as one of the best from new coming artists. 

Both artists represent the finest face of modern techno and thanks to the great talent and hard work, they already gained a lot of interest in the scene. 

Urbanum is proud to handle The Chronics and Chlar solo bookings as well as Bipolar Disorder label nights! 

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