Parallx and Somewhen on the first 10'' exclusive release!

"RR1" we begin a new 10“ vinyl series where 'R' artists and invited friends will remix each other's work.

First up is Parallx with "Red Clouds" which features vocals by Magnolia, backed by a remix from Somewhen.

Release date: 30 Nov 2018

Buy here: HARDWAX Berlin 
"Hard hitting, no prisoners taking EBM Techno banger (in handmade 10" packaging)"

"Music has always been a big part of my family. I remember when I was really young, my parents took me and my older sister to a hippie festival somewhere in the middle of Germany. We went there every year and learned all kinds of instruments. As I got older, my interest in making music disappeared, but my sister continued, quickly becoming a very talented musician.
When I found my way back to the music some years ago, I always wanted to have a track with the vocals of my sister.
This dream came true now!