Michał Wolski and his new LP!

Nonplus Records:

"After an intensive 2019, which saw Michal Wolski release a number of EPs, he’s starting 2020 with a return to Boddika’s Nonplus Records with ‘Chant’ - a 13 track album filled with deep, driving, detailed Techno. This new release, explores more nuanced and hypnotic territories of electronic music, placing off-beat and ambient structures alongside 4x4 Techno rhythms.

‘Chant’ is a sonic experimentation with modular synthesizers and a plethora of modern, digital-era tools.

In addition to Wolski’s original work, is a remix from one of the most visionary modern Techno producers of our time, Anthony Linell, co-founder of the Northern Electronics record label."

released March 6, 2020

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