INTERVIEW: Lunatik b2b Antonio De Angelis

What are the 5 goals for you this year?
Lunatik: During this year there are a lot of big and nice things to be considered. About gigs, I will make my debut at Goa Club, home for several years. I will play in Japan in July for Dommune and Contact in Tokyo. During the winter was born a vinyl series totally curated by me and PVS called “Methodical Systems”, in which we want to purpose only our works based on our vision of modern techno. I took part of Suburban Avenue crew, produced a lot of amazing music and artists thanks to the great organization of Francesco, Cristiano, Corrado and Gabriele. Also I am really proud of the latest ep I’ve done with OutpostLive called “Kataka”, we worked a lot to have this result.

Antonio De Angelis: I have two EP's coming out and two v/a and a remix and this is what I can reveal at the moment, this will be an exciting year! 

How city you live at influences your music?
Lunatik: I was born and raised in Rome, city full of arts everywhere. Maybe there are no words to describe what Rome gives me every day.

Antonio De Angelis: I live in London this is a city of contrasts and creativity, so you can find everything and just look around you, can get different mood and influence

What do you think affected you the most to start making techno sounds?
Lunatik: Techno scene community is something extraordinary. I’m really struck by how much love and passion there is by the “community” in the following parties, releases and festivals all over the world.

Antonio De Angelis: I was at one point of my career that tech-house was always the same with no soul so it was natural for me to find much more inspirations in the techno sound to continue and express myself in a different way

The best experience in your life?
Lunatik: My best experience was to play 4 hours at 21 years old in the cage of Tresor, in Berlin… I remember that night as it is now. A lot of friends from my hometown and not came to support me and I remember also that the club was full of special vibes from the first till the last record. It is an unforgettable night!

Antonio De Angelis: I had a lot of good experiences this year and all of them have something special for me. So don't have one in particular that I can say this is the best one...

What is the source of your energy?
Lunatik: I come from a family of musicians (my aunt is a magnificent pianist and my dad was conductor and violinist) so I try to compose some piano melodies to free my mind.

Antonio De Angelis: My energy is coming for everywhere for gigs, releases, meeting new people, new promoters any new project. This is what gives me the most of the energy 

Name your all-time favorite track!

Lunatik: techno: Plastikman - Elektrostatik

not techno: The Doors - Riders on the Storm

Antonio De Angelis: Ludovico Einaudi - Una Mattina