Giorgio Gigli and Bichord with 6 track EP!

This new production, marked by the alternation of ethereal atmospheres and acid sounds, combined with structured rhythms, is the result of the magical conjunction between the three artists that pull of a new hypnotic journey throught their personal interpretation of ambient-techno music.

Soft melodies blend together with broken rhythms and resounding basslines, surrounding the listener with a poetry that characterises every single track, resulting in a soft, hypnotic ambient-techno interlude.

A love Beyond.

Giorgio Gigli & Bichord

Giorgio Gigli & Bichord - Space Whales LP [PRRUKBLKLP001]
Format: 12 inch. Vinyl

Release date:March 22nd 2019

Label: Planet Rhythm
Distributed by Triple Vision Distribution
Original Photography on cover by Christopher Michel