Fractions Monnom's Black duo join Urbanum!

We are delighted to welcome Fractions duo to our roster!

From now on you can book Prague-based Monnom Black's artists directly from us - worldwide!
In 2018 they took it upon themselves to start music production and were soon picked up by Fleisch from Berlin. The outcome of this collaboration was their ‘Control’ and ‘Scars Of Love’ EP’s. Touring started to pick up, they were asked to debut for Klubnacht at Berghain in 2019.

Later in 2019 brought a new electro and breakbeat inspired release ‘Constellations’ on Rotterdam Electronix, and then an appearance with the opening track ‘Zero Ground’ on Dax J ’s Monnom Black VA, sitting alongside some heavyweights.

This release was a landmark achievement for the guys, and the track was a standout favorite on the release. After another year in the studio, their highly anticipated EP ‘Nite NRG’ on Monnom Black was released in June.

Please mail to for more info!