Flavia Laus as another addition for Urbanum!

Flavia Laus is another female Berlin-based artist in Urbanum roster!

The ability to manage with charisma and accuracy all her musical baggage, allows her to range among all the musical nuances belonging to her sound, always imposing a specific artistic message and a clear line to follow.

Flavia's sound serves the mental and hypnotic side of techno, well combined with stirring grooves and atmospheric sounds, allowing that perfect adrenaline combination between mind and body.

Through her way of self-expression, Flavia brings a sense of power with a fine touch and the same focus in both pursuits of djing and productions builds energy flows between the beat and its Eros.

To book her, please mail to valerio@urbanum.net


Lost In Ether · Lost In Ether | Podcast #172 | Flavia Laus