Cristian Marras opens a label!

" I always dreamed to have my own vinyl record label.
From my personal experience as newcomer in the Techno Scene, i
can say that nowadays, is not easy to find a label that will sign your
music and release it on vinyl unless you have a bit of popularity.
This is because of the costs necessary to press vinyl today, is hard
to find labels that would want to invest on unknown artists releasing
their music on wax.
Since i moved to Berlin i started to get in touch with many young
producers from different countries, and by sharing music with them, i
realized that there is a huge number of unknown talents around the
world, that is making outstanding music.
In the last years i had few releases, few on vinyl some on digital but
i never released a solo ep on vinyl, and since i love playing records,
was important for me to release my first proper Ep on Vinyl.
From this experience, i decided to start the project Rebels
Conspiracy, with the purpose to release music from myself and a
circle of talented new producers that i support. Accompanying the
original tracks by remixes of more affirmed talented artists; focusing
on hard grooving, banging distorted, psychedelic/acid Techno.
For the first release of the label, called "Rescue from the Abuses"
i'm presenting my firs solo EP, made by two original mixes matched
by two remixes, from two artists i admire and follow since long time:
Blush Response and Makaton, and will be out by the end of
The second release, will be a pack of four tracks by four different
new artists, that have made some outstanding tunes and i cant wait
to publish them."

Cristian Marras