Conrad Van Orton (CVO) and D-Leria on Urbanum roster!

After signing Giorgio Gigli more artists are joining Urbanum.

This time two different artists, the one with a strong ACID and Hardcore background, extremelly good skilled on vinyls and hybrid sets, the second one with a LIVE performance.  Both unique and intersting, living currently in Berlin.


Particularly interesting his live hybrid where, together with 2 turntables using various drum machines, manages to always create something new in real time, being able to completely rid, managing every single parameter, rhythm and melody with the use of its hands knowing how to use their imagination and pulling it out using instruments so different from each other. A mix of genres, groove, feelings that have in common the same adrenaline rush that you notice in each set and in its production.

Listen to his debut LP released in December 2018: D-Leria - Driving To Nowhere LP


During the last years his studio work found space on many important labels such as Dynamic Reflection, PoleGroup, Sonntag Morgen, Attic Music and he signed a six tracker EP with VSK on Developer's Modularz.
He spent most of his time in 2017/18 studying and experimenting the discipline of live act and he's now ready to show his performance through 2019.

Watch now: Conrad Van Orton - Live Jam Session

Both based in Berlin.