Asia availability!

The year 2019 is a huge step for our entire family. Coming to Asia was in our minds for a long time. Now we are happy to present three tours for our artists and we encourage you to contact us to add more dates to these tours.

Antonio De Angelis / Children of Tomorrow, Dynamic Reflection, London

12/04 - 27/04 

We start in Beijing on 12/04, touring China and possibly finish in Korea.

Lunatik / Absolute Records, Rome

20/07 - 31/07 

Tokyo already confirmed, we are looking for more dates in the area.

Amandra DJ Set / Ahrpe, Semantica, Obscura, Warsaw

05/07 - 27/07 

China, Korea and Vietnam already on the list. Japan and Kuala Lumpur as open options. Feel free to send us a request for the area!