Alfredo Mazzilli on Berghain 09 compilation!

"I founded Hospital Productions in 1997, and over the course of a 21-year period, have released hundreds of experimental electronic music cassettes. 

The first DJ mixes I heard were on cassettes. I’d drive around my car listening to them at night obsessing over the color xerox covers that usually included the DJ's phone number but rarely included track lists. When I first started playing live with Vatican Shadow nine years ago, I used a series of tape decks – each one playing a stem from a track. For my first set at Berghain I used two Walkmans. 

My interest in DJing developed naturally out of industrial music traditions such as mail art, tape trading, and sound collage. Oftentimes a contact would include a tape inside a package – it could be a dub of some advance tracks, a field recording, or an audio message from the sender. 

While this mix, of course, does not solely focus on cassettes, they were used as the bridge between the seemingly disparate areas and cross-sections of subcultural edits you will find sewn together from diverse factions to create a sonic “cut-up”.

Specifically, it uses tapes from Genesis Breyer P-Orridge from 1981 that were given to me as source material and consist mostly of vocal loops and field recordings – some found, and some directly from Genesis. They function as a counter narrative cut-up between references and locations in the music itself as well as track titles. Furthermore, the exclusives feature a selection of new producers and cult figures, collaged into the spectrum of dance music. In the past, the DIY shops like Dance Tracks, Generator Records, and later my own brick and mortar shop, Hospital Productions – illegally located in the basement of a reggae store into which one gained access through a trapdoor down a ladder into the basement all on E 3rd street in the East Village – all carried cassettes decades apart.

The artists featured – both on the mix and the vinyl release – span several continents and generations of electronic music subculture, from the birth of industrial in the UK and the rhythmic loops of Japanese noise, to the raw collision of genres found in the NYC underground. Berghain 09 is a tribute to the techno mixtapes that influenced me during my introduction to raves and dance music in the 90s.

– Dominick Fernow, New York City, March 2019 – "

90 track compilation includes music from Silent Servant, Volvox, Function as well as "Njord" by Alfredo Mazzilli released on Blankstairs.